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Do you make indie short films? Want to take a shot at landing some awards and cash prizes? Maybe you've always wanted to try it out? How about a public screening of your film? You can mark them all of your list by signing up your team for the brand new 72 HOUR FILM DASH COMPETITION.

The event will be hosted by award winning filmmaker Glenn Payne and will be held in Tupelo, MS. However, you can film your movie in any city that you like. Here's some details...

*Regular Sign-up deadline is March 13th.
*Dates: March 29-April 1 (Friday 6pm-Monday 6pm)
*Each team will receive specific criteria that has to be in their film (one prop, one character type, one line of dialogue). The team leader, or a team rep, has to be present at the Link Centre at 6pm on March 29th to receive your criteria.

*Typical schedule flow...
Fri: the team scrambles to write their script & organize.
Sat: the team spends the day filming their movie.
Sun: the team edits their film and gets it polished.
Mon: MP4 movie file and info sheet must be sent in by 6pm.

*You can have as many team members as you want.
*People can be on multiple teams if they can schedule it.
*Films can be made anywhere (not just in Tupelo)
*Max runtime of 8 minutes for each finished film.
*Completed mp4 movie file must be turned in by 6pm April 1st via wetransfer.com (contact us with any questions), along with Info sheet with names/jobs of team members for award purposes. Send both to deadleafproductions@gmail.com

*16 award certificates voted on by judges (list below)
*A cash prize for Best Picture ($100)
*A cash prize for Audience Award ($100)
*Best Picture winner also receives entry fee waivers for the Oxford Film Festival, Magnolia Independent Film Festival, and Tupelo Film Festival for 2020.
*A public screening for all films with Q&As and awards ceremony on April 5th at the Link Centre in Tupelo.
*Two free tickets per team for the screening.
*All films will be shown. Late films are not eligible for awards.

Best Picture
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Editing
Best Use of Prop
Best Use of Line
Best Use of Character
Best Original Music
Best Special Effects/Makeup
Best Sound/Sound Design
Audience Choice

The entry fee is $95 per team/film. Typically team members split the cost of the entry. Each member putting in around $5-10 to equal the total, depending on the size of your team. We must meet a minimum of five teams to hold the competition.

Sign up now and start assembling your team!

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