• Image of Filmmaking Workshop: Make a Movie, Start to Finish

A ONE DAY Intensive Filmmaking Workshop that guides you all the way from script to screening. We'll cover everything you need to know to create your first film or to more efficiently and successfully make your fiftieth. All levels are encouraged to attend. Hosted by award winning writer/director/producer Glenn Payne (Driven, Stagrassle Paranormal, Earthrise).

We'll cover:
*Story telling (script writing)
*Team Building (cast & crew)
*Scheduling (time, props, locations)
*Filming (working with visuals, people, problems, etc)
*Directing your Actors
*Post Production (editing, music, sound, etc)
*Setting up your own screening (and digital release)

The class is a jam packed six hour course where director Glenn Payne will give you as many tips, tricks, and lessons he's learned over the last thirteen years and nearly thirty films he's made. There will be a one hour lunch break in the middle (a great time for networking). August 17th, 9am-4pm at the Link Centre in Tupelo (1800 West Main Street). Admission is $75, with a special $50 price for students. Ages 18 and up (with some spots available for mature teens)

Must meet a minimum number of students for the class to make. Email deadleafproductions@gmail.com for more info. Admission is nonrefundable given a minimum number of students are required.

Join us for a laid back, informative and fun day of all things movie making!