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A ONE DAY Intensive Hands-On Filmmaking Workshop that walks you through the process of shooting a movie on location. Hosted by award winning writer/director/producer Glenn Payne (Driven, Stagrassle Paranormal, Earthrise).

*Running Sound
*Working with Actors
*Staying on Schedule
*Leading your team

The class will film the first scene. Each person in the workshop will learn a specific crew member skill (Director, Cinematographer, Sound Operator, Grip, etc). On the second scene everyone will switch to a new position. Throughout the day we'll continue to rotate so you get a sense of each job. Spots will be limited (especially director spots) so it's a first come first served system for directing. Three page scripts will be sent out to the directors and actors in advance. Gear, Location, and Actors will be provided (Actors will be pre-selected for each scene).

Once all the films are pieced together they will be uploaded to youtube as a compilation of class projects. There will be a one hour lunch break in the middle of our day (a great time for networking). Nov. 2nd, 9am-4pm (approximate) at the Link Centre in Tupelo (1800 West Main Street). Ages 18 and up (with some spots available for mature teens).

ONE DAY Workshop: $75
Student Discount: $65

Must meet a minimum number of students for the class to make. Email deadleafproductions@gmail.com for more info. Admission is nonrefundable given a minimum number of students are required.

Join us for a laid back, informative and fun day of all things movie making!

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